Simple instructions

  • Sign up to use the system and you will be given an unique URL address.
  • Go to the ADMIN PAGE to add new staff, amend staff, delete staff, and change the default receptionist.
  • Go to the PHONE LOG page to take messages.  IF any of the six buttons are ticked, an email is auto generated to the relevant staff and a log kept on the display log.  If none of the buttons are ticked, then it is just added to the display phone log.
  • Go to the DISPLAY PHONE LOG to view the message log.  This can not be amended, I thought that would be for the best.

Should you wish to contact me, my email is

If you would like the software added to your server, or altered in any way, then I would be happy to discuss terms on the email above.

Try Phonelog

Dog TemplateClick here to try phone log - It is totally free.